Caye Caulker in Belize

Week 6 – Caye Caulker in Belize

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Well It Is Finally Time

New country. New attitude. A new positive one. Goodbye, negativity. I’ve got this. I feel like the tables are going to turn for us and what better place to do it than on an island? A Caribbean island at that. Are you ready to hear about Caye Caulker? Is it on your list? Well, I can tell you it should be.

a nurse shark swimming in crystal clear blue water
A Nurse Shark

As soon as I stepped off that ferry from Belize City I felt my shoulders instantly relax. It was a rush of emotion draining from my body. I had been craving a nice relaxed island for a while and this hidden gem did not disappoint. As soon as we started walking through the main street everyone was friendly. No intense sales pitch like Mexico. Everyone was relaxed here. I felt like I could breathe again.

This island instantly impressed me and things only got better from there. The next day we had a boat tour booked. This was a tour of the Great Blue Hole. This boat trip was amazing. It was pricey but worth every penny. We got unlimited drinks and snacks. There were three snorkeling sessions lined up for scuba diving if you are qualified.

The First Snorkel

The first snorkel was around the Great Blue Hole and the barrier reef. The guide was great and pointed out everything. He was so knowledgeable and nice. We snorkeled along the wall of the blue hole which was filled with pretty colourful corals and plenty of marine life. I felt at home swimming around in the sea.

The sun was shining. Perfect. After, the snorkelers got dropped off at Half Moon Bay. This tiny bit of paradise. It was an uninhabited island with a beautiful coastline. You know the one you picture in your head when dreaming of that deserted island. This was that place. We walked along the dock where we were greeted by a baby lemon shark in the shallows.

We Hadn’t Even Entered The Water and Saw A Shark

Half moon bay with palm trees looking out to crystal blue waters
Half Moon Bay

The shark coupled with the first snorkel I was even more hyped up. This time the snorkel was a drift snorkel. That suited me fine. I like laying back and relaxing. Drift snorkel means that you let the current take you. We were greeted by an abundance of sea life. Everything from tiny colourful fishes to Barracuda and a big reef shark. What another great experience.

Now, time for lunch on this perfect island. I couldn’t picture a more idyllic place to fuel up. After, there was a short walk to see the red-footed boobies at their nesting site. They nest out in the open at the top of trees and my god they smell bad, really bad!

Back To The Boat

We set off for the third and final snorkel in an area called the aquarium. Yes, this place did live up to its name. The clouds were starting to roll in overhead so it was kinda a race back to the boat. Head down take it all in and kick those flippers. This is where I saw shrimp in the sea for the first time. Two of them quickly swam along. It was amazing. That was a great end to the day! I couldn’t complain at all.

Just don’t do my rookie mistake and forget your rash vest or not reapply suncream. SUNBURN HURTS!

The Seven Stop Snorkel Tour

A bright orange and pink sunset over the sea in Caye Caulker in Belize
Sunset on Caye Caulker

This tour took us around Caye Caulker in Belize. First, you look for manatees. We were unsuccessful. Next was the clamshell graveyard. The best area was Hol Chan Marine Park. A protected area where sealife was beaming. We even saw a turtle and a stingray.

Another stop was Shark Alley, this does have a bit of history as originally this was where the fisherman dumped the fish they didn’t need therefore causing all the sharks to gather here. You get to swim with nurse sharks here which was cool. However, some companies feed them which I disagree with. The company I went with did not do this.

The Only Downside

However, the only downside to Caye Caulker is that they feed wild animals. A bar had stingray feeding to help get tourists to spend at their place. Although, it is a good place for sunset. You can enter the grounds for free. Also, here is an artificial home for seahorses. You have to look very very hard for them. There is also a place called “the Split”. A great place to hang out and chill for the day.

All in all, this was the experience I remember traveling used to be like. I was happy again to be on the open road exploring and learning about new cultures. Finally, with a positive mindset, it was time for the next destination.

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Caribbean Coast of Mexico

Week 4 – Cancun to Cozumel

Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links meaning I earn a small percentage of every purchase at no cost to you.

We Finally Made it to The Caribbean Coast of Mexico

A day later than planned but we were finally on the ferry over to Isla Mujeres. I was excited to see what all the fuss was about. So far on the Carribean coast of Mexico; we had been ripped off by the bus driver and the ferry sales lady sold us first-class tickets. Even though we didn’t ask for it. This was not a great start to this coastline after the turbulence 48 hours we just experienced. Oh well, we were at the beach again. My happy place.

First Was Making Sure We Still Had

a yellow and orange sunset over the clam sea on the Caribbean coast of Mexico
Sunset on Isla Mujeres

our hostel booking. We contacted them to move the booking and they kindly agreed. Maybe our luck was changing. Someone did something good for us finally. We enjoyed the grounds of the hostel while waiting for check-in. However, when check-in came. The problem started. They wouldn’t let us have the room. After, back and forth for 2 hours they finally agreed to honor it. It was a lot of unnecessary stress. We had to cancel our tour. Also, cancel, re-book then cancel another hostel. Mexico had been filled with these little hiccups. It was sucking the enjoyment out of travelling. Yet, I guess travelling has both good and bad experiences. So hopefully our luck will change soon.

Finally in Our Room

It was time for sunset. With a south-facing beach a short walk away, we headed there. A massive sand area that was all for free (for a change). There were no beach clubs. We found a spot to sit and finally relax on this beautiful Island. I can’t come to the beach without having a dip. The amazing crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea were warm and welcoming. I automatically distressed and washed away the day we just had. The sunset also showed up for us. It was very impressive. A perfect end to a stressful day.

Exploring Cozumel

A view overlooking a seaweed filled beach
San Martin Beach in Cozumel

Next up, was the Island of Cozumel. I was here to see if scuba diving was something I could enjoy. I love marine life and want to be comfortable underwater. This is because I want to experience the underwater world. My instructor was great and put me at ease straight away. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience with Deep Blue Diving and I would recommend them. For all the stresses we’ve had on this trip, there have been some great experiences in between.

The Bike Ride From Hell

two bikes resting in the sand on the beach
The Bikes at the Beach

Now it was time to find a free beach. I am not a fan of beach clubs. Plus, as a budget traveller those places can eat into your budget drastically. So, we set off listening to the advice of the bike shop guy. This was to be our first mistake. He said ’45 minutes that way to a free beach’. This was not the case. At this point, we should have turned around. This was mistake number two. Also, we had applied no suncream, obviously, this was mistake number three.

It took three hours to reach a beach under the hot sun. That meant another three hours to home. We ended up cycling half the island. 47km. We were sore. Sometimes it is only you that can get the blame when something isn’t that great. This one was our mistake and I own that. However, it didn’t make it any less stressful.

The Caribbean Coast of Mexico

This coastline in my opinion is very very touristy. A very different vibe to coming through the centre of the country. It was all rush, rush, rush. The prices here charge top dollar for even the shortest taxi journey. I did feel more of an American tourist vibe rather than a backpacker vibe. I am looking forward to leaving Mexico and all the negativity it has brought us.

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