Beautiful Waterfall in Mexico

Week 3 – San Cristobal to Cancun

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We came to San Cristobal for a beautiful waterfall in Mexico. The pictures of this waterfall looked amazing. I love a good waterfall (who doesn’t) so not stopping here was not an option. We took another night bus from Puerto Escondido to San Cristobal. This ADO bus company is the most common with travellers and to be fair they aren’t too bad. The seats recline well and a wide enough for you and your bag. I feel your lap is the safest place for your bag with valuables in it. I know I am super paranoid about being robbed but it’s happened before. It’s a horrible experience, therefore, being extra cautious can never be wrong.

Arriving in San Cristobal

The beautiful water in Mexico gushing over a rock face at a great pace
The Third Level at El Chiflon

After, the bus we headed straight through the streets to our hostel. This hostel was very dirty but cheap. We only had to endure this for two nights. I didn’t shower it was that gross in the bathrooms. Anyway, we woke up early the next morning to set off to explore “El Chiflon‘. The beautiful waterfall was still three hours away. The journey was one ADO bus followed by a colectivo. We arrived at midday expecting this place to be packed but it wasn’t to our surprise. Also, the small number of people at the falls were mainly locals enjoying their day.

Hiking Up to The Magnificent Waterfall

Okay. This wasn’t that easy. This beautiful waterfall in Mexico has five different sections each with a unique structure. Also, each level was so beautiful, the crystal clear water followed freely over each drop. The third drop is by far the best and biggest but I would still venture on higher than this drop. The hike got tougher or I am unfit. I vote for the latter. But trust me the other two waterfalls are still amazing. If you check back you get a great view across the valley. This was worth the trip. This place is my highlight so far. This waterfall was nature showing off and I am here for it. I am a nature over the urban jungle any day of the week. So to be finally exploring nature again feels so good. I feel alive when exploring beautiful nature.

About San Cristobal

Waterfall falling over the rocks
Me and El Chiflon

After our two nights in the questionable hostel, we left here on another night bus. We opted to go straight to Cancun in one journey. This meant we had 24 hours on a bus. Why so long?

Well, apparently the direct routeto Cancun is not safe. Therefore, the bus has to take a big detour. Looking back on this decision we should have split the journey up. We were on the bus for 10 hours when my friend got sick. We then had to split up the journey to Cancun. We got off the bus at a nice town which turns out has lots to do it.

If you have been to San Cristobal, you will know. Somehow I managed to escape the plague that comes with visiting this town. The water here is bad. So, in hindsight maybe it was a good job I didn’t shower. It was yet another eventful night bus. Yet, another thing to throw a spanner in the works. How many more of these spanners are going to come our way?

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An Ultimate Month in Mexico

This is the ultimate month in Mexico route that I followed. However, I chose these places based on other blogs I had read. Then I selected what I would find interesting. Therefore my advice would be for you to do the same. Use this guide to help you make the perfect itinerary for yourself.

Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links meaning I earn a small percentage of every purchase at no cost to you.

All prices are correct as of May 2022

Mexico City – 3 Nights

me sitting down enjoying the Teohiuacan ruins on the ultimate month in Mexico
Teotihuacan Ruins

I started this trip in Mexico City and the first thing I did was a free walking tour. This is a great way to see the highlights and learn about the city. I just found one online from a basic Google search and went along to the meeting point. These do work on a tip basis so make sure you bring some cash with you.

Teotihuacan Ruins is a day trip from Mexico City. It is pretty easy to get there with local transport or a tour. First, you get the metro to Autobus del Norte metro station (MXN5 per trip). For females there is a women’s and children-only section, I would advise you to use this. My trip was hassle-free but not all are. Next leave the metro station and the bus station is directly in front of you. At the bus station look for the ticket office labelled ‘Piramides’ and the bus leaves through gate 8. This costs MXN 52 for each way. The bus does take a while (roughly an hour) as it stops many times to pick people up however it drops you by the entrance gate 2. The ticket price for the ruins is MXN 75. To get back to Mexico City you do the route in reverse.

The Colourful Puebla City – 1 Night

A beautiful coulorful street full of houses
Puebla City

Here we ended up just walking around the streets. These were so pretty and colourful. I would add this to your trip as it is a simple 2-hour bus ride from Mexico City. I caught the ADO buses throughout Mexico. It was simple to book through their App and they cover the majority of the country. Unfortunately, we were here on a public holiday therefore everything was shut. Hence just walking around was the only activity I did.

Beautiful Oaxaca City – 3 Nights

This walking tour was very good and the guide spoke very good English. Again, I would always recommend a free walking tour as it is a great way to get your bearings in a new place. Remember, these work on a tip basis.

ME standing looking over the valley
Hierve el Agua

Hierve el Agua is a beautiful waterfall 45km from Oaxaca City. It was simple enough to get to using local transport. First, you can catch a bus (MXN20) from the second-class bus terminal to San Pedro de Mitla. The company for this bus is ‘Goma’. The information online says it comes every 15 minutes but we ended up waiting nearly 2 hours that morning. Crazy. Next was the pick-up truck up the mountain. I should warn you that they cram in as many people as possible. I paid MXN75 each way and we were a total of 11.

Along the way, you have to pay the ‘town tax’ of MXN10-15. Yes, really, the locals have made this up but you can’t get around it and finally the entrance fee of MXN50. Again, to get back follow the same route but in reserve. Also if you are a solo traveller a tour would be a great way to meet people.

Monte Alban ruins is a perfect morning out as it is only 10 km from the centre. I got the tourist mini-bus at 8 in the morning costing MXN100 for both ways. It was worth it as I arrived before the crowds and enjoyed Monte Alban in peace for a short while. The entrance costs MXN70. After exploring for a couple of hours I got the mini-bus back at 12pm. That was plenty of time to wander around and explore.

Amazing Puerto Escondido – 3 Nights

my turtle in a coconut ready for release on the ultimate month in Mexico trip
Turtle Release on Puerto Escondido

After exploring three cities I was ready to explore the beaches of Puerto Escondido on this ultimate month in Mexico adventure. I did just that by foot. I explored the coastline simply by walking to a different beach each day sometimes two in one day. The only activity I did was the realising of a turtle. This cost MXN100. I had read good reviews about the company online however once there it did feel that they cared more about the money than the turtles. In future, I would skip this experience.

San Cristobal – 2 Nights

El Chiflon Waterfall was the reason we stopped by San Cristobal. The waterfall was still 3 hours away by local transport. The journey there included a straightforward ADO bus to Comitan then a colectivo to El Chiflon (MXN35 each way). The entrance was MXN50. This place is incredible and definitely worth the trip on the local transport or guided tour. Again, reserve the route back to San Cristobal.

Beautiful Isla Mujeres – 4 Nights

a yellow and orange sunset over the clam sea
Sunset on Isla Mujeres

This island felt very touristy and it was more appealing as a 2-week holiday destination rather than a backpacking experience. To get over to the island I got the ferry with Ultramar costing MXN362 for a roundtrip. Once, on the island, we explored the beaches and the southern point of the island. This place does have some good snorkel sites you can access through tours.

Cozumel – 3 Nights

I did a shore scuba dive here to see if I like scuba diving still. The answer is yes. I didn’t see much marine life on this dive but people who went out on the boat saw lots. So, even if you want to try scuba diving for the first time I recommend going out on the boat. Also, I cycled to the beaches on the far side of the island as they aren’t lined with beach clubs; however, they were full of seaweed but still so beautiful. If you like beach clubs then you will find a great spot with good snorkelling and free of seaweed.

Vibrant Valladolid – 2 Nights

Ruins at Chicken Itza
Chichen Itza

This was a last-minute change to the ultimate month in Mexico as once I researched Chichen Itza, I felt it was best to go from Valladolid. The town is very cute and colourful much like Puebla.

Chichen Itza is a world wonder therefore it was a must-stop for me. To get there I took the 7am colectivo from a car park opposite the ADO bus station. The entrance fee was expensive at MXN571, MXN80 has to be paid in cash and the rest was either cash or card. If you plan well you can visit a nearby cenote before heading back to Valladolid.

Also, I visited Cenote Oxman whilst here. I got a taxi both ways for a good price and an even better price on the way back. I did get lucky as a taxi was dropping more people off as I left. This is a cool underground cenote with a nice pool area to chill out in after.


Touristy Tulum – 3 Nights

The second to last stop on an ultimate month in Mexico adventure was the very overrated touristy Tulum. Yet, if you don’t mind paying for beach access through many wonderful beach clubs then you will enjoy this place more than I did. I rented a scooter (MXN500) for the day. I visited Akumal Bay to see the turtles that feed there. However, this experience was very unpleasant. You have to pay to even access the beach. Also, they try and stop you from swimming in a certain area of the sea where they run the snorkel tours. It is possible to see turtles for free with great patience and ignoring the locals telling you where you can swim.

Incredible Laguna Bacalar – 2 Nights

A boat perfectly framed by two beams floating on lake bacalar. The last stop on an ultimate month in Mexico
Lake Bacalar

The last stop on an ultimate month in Mexico was this gorgeous lake. The lake was beautiful and there are two free spots to sit on a deck and enjoy. The water here is known for having 7 different shades of blue. The town itself isn’t much but it getting more discovered by tourists. So, get there quickly before it is overrun just like Tulum.

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