a viewpoint overlooking a beatuiful sandbar with adjoining islands

3 Amazing Islands in South Thailand to Visit

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Thailand was our first stop when hitting South East Asia. In the first part, we travelled North from Bangkok to Pai. However, in this blog, I cover 3 amazing islands in South Thailand. The beautiful people and beaches made the trip worthwhile.

Our first Thailand Island – Koh Tao

We had about a week planned here as my friend was off to do her PADI diving certificate. It is famous for its scuba diving. The name Koh Tao literally translates into ‘turtle island’. How cool because who doesn’t love turtles? The 21 km hilly island is surrounded by gorgeous white sandy beaches. With insane coral reefs come an abundance of fish to see.

The gorgeous beach in Koh Tao, one of the 3 amazing islands in South Thailand
The Gorgeous Beach in Koh Tao

Exploring the Beaches around the Thailand Island…

I didn’t mind being on this little paradise island for the week. The beaches here are amazing. Our hostel was right on the beach and came with a swimming pool too. It was perfect. The beach that stretches along the back of our hostel gave us the best sunsets. The colours were bright and bold. Watching the sun go down most nights was picturesque.

Hiring a Scooter to Explore…

Like all places across Asia, it is really easy to hire a scooter to explore different places. So, with my friend settled in scuba diving lessons, I rented one. I explored the island with someone from the hostel. When you travel it is that easy to make friends. There are lots of people with the same mindset as you. As this was a hilly island there were hills to go up.

The Koh Tao sunset over the beach with fishing boats lining the shore
One of Many Picturesque Sunsets

As we were driving up to a viewpoint a bike was coming down. The road was basically one way, so you would have thought they would have stopped. No, they didn’t. I had to stop whilst going uphill. Coupled with the fact I can just about hold the weight of the bike, let alone two people on it. I so nearly dropped the guy on the back of the floor. Luckily, he jumped off in time. Phew. Close call. There are lots of travellers walking around Asia covered in bandages. So, when hiring be confident you can drive and take it easy.

We reached a couple of different beaches. We reached a viewpoint overlooking Koh Nangyuan beach. It was beautiful. The water is crystal-clear, the white sandbars joining three mini islands together.

What is Koh Tao Like After Dark…

When the sun goes down the drink flows more. The scene is fun. Everyone is having a good time. No one is really out of control. The place on the beach by us played music for everyone to enjoy. The drinks are cheap. The food is too. Koh Tao was my favourite out of the three islands in Thailand we visited.

Our next Thai Island – Koh Phangan

So, this island is where the famous ‘Full Moon’ rave happens. Unfortunately, there was no full moon during our time there. People plan their time here around it. I must admit from the pictures I’ve seen it does like insane. This island for us was about yet more amazing street food and markets.

Me on a swing at Manhi Beach, Koh Phangan, one of the 3 amazing islands in South Thailand
Swinging into the Weekend

We did go to the beach in the North called Mauhi beach… apparently the best on the island. It has my vote. The sand was white, the sea clear and warm. Great food and a swing to top it off. It is definitely worth spending a day relaxing here. Topping up the tan. After, a nice day, we headed to one of the famous sunset spots, Amsterdam Bar. Just like all other sunsets in the South of Thailand another corker. The sky was light in colours as the sun disappeared. Perfection.

Our Final Thai Island – Koh Phi Phi

Me standing on a Koh Phi Phi beach, one of the 3 amazing islands in South Thailand
Admiring the View of This Gorgeous Beach

This island took a little travel time to reach. First was a ferry, then from that port a bus to Krabi. The last leg was a ferry from Krabi. Then, finally, we reached Koh Phi Phi. Our hostel was the furthest one away. We were staying in a bamboo hut. Again, being a budget traveller, you have to sometimes pick the cheapest. However, yes it was basic but we didn’t need more than that. There was yet another amazing sea to swim in. Koh Phi Phi was still getting over the devastation. They had only just started to rebuild. Yet, even after something so bad the people were still so happy and kind. A common trait in Asia.

Summary of the South of Thailand

Well, you can see why these 3 amazing islands in South Thailand are so popular. Paradise is the word I would use, to sum up, all the places we explored. The sun is hot, the water warm and the people are very welcoming. Plus, the food is cheap and very tasty!!! Definitely worth a trip!! 

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