A sloth waking up after heavy rains to feed

Green Season in Costa Rica

Week 11 – Playas del Coco to Monteverde

Wow, as first impressions go, I’m impressed. I was happy we finally arrived in the green season in Costa Rica. It was a nice and easy transition through the borders. As well as nice and easy-to-understand buses. Plus, we didn’t get ripped off getting the local bus. We were off to a great start. We arrived early afternoon in Playas del Coco, a nice beachside village. It did look set up for the holidaymakers but the sun was out. So no complaints.

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Straight Down to Business in the Green Season in Costa Rica

A brown sand beach
Playas del Coco

We did all the small things like sim cards, buying food, and booking activities. We were in Playas del Coco for my friend to be able to do some diving. She is an experienced diver so only she could do them but she said they were amazing!! She saw bull sharks, how awesome. I on the other hand just kicked back and worked on topping up my tan. The sea didn’t look that inviting here but the sun was out in the morning so I made the most of it. I was a little ill so had to visit a doctor for some antibiotics. Therefore, all I could do was rest to make sure I would fully recover.

The Next Stop was La Fortuna

Well, I knew there was a volcano here called Volcan Arenal but I had never seen a picture of it. To be honest, by this point, I had seen many volcanos. A volcano is a volcano, right? Wrong. This one was massive and only came out from behind the cloud as we drove into the town. I was lost for words, this volcano stood so high and wide, really commending the attention it gets from many tourists per year. What a great first impression of this town!

Moss growing from the trees in a cloud forest
Monteverde Cloud Forest

The green season in Costa Rica was in full swing. We got soaked by the rain each day. Locals even said this was the worst rainy season they have had for a while. However, we didn’t let that stop us from visiting the river swing. Even though as we arrived the heavens opened and the rain then didn’t let up for the rest of the day. The other attraction we did here was the sloth park. It was perfect visiting just after a rain storm and following tours around so you can find the animals without paying extra. The budget backpacker way.

The Final Stop for The Week Was Monteverde

Wow. The journey by bus around Costa Rica is long and takes a day. Why? Well, you end up getting three or four buses between each destination. There is a lack of direct buses unless you opted for the tourist shuttles. However, the local buses are fine just a bit of a wait between the connecting ones. For the price difference, the wait is worth it. Costa Rica is not the cheapest of destinations so saving a bit of money on transport helps the budget.

Typhoon Monteverde

a scorpion under Uv light at night in green season in costa rica

Yep. The green season in Costa Rica really delivered. A typhoon in July. I managed to get out on a nighttime jungle walk which was fantastic even though I hate creepy crawlies. The guide was great and entertaining. The rains held up and I saw many animals including a green pit viper snake. It was a great experience.

Yet, other than that the attractions were closed throughout Monteverde due to the weather. So, I planned out our next destinations and got some life admin done from the comfort of my bed whilst the rain pounded on the window.

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