The Stunning Iguazu Falls – Which Side is the Best?

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Iguazu Falls. There is a debate among travellers as to which side to visit. Which side is the best? This question is answered with very mixed responses. Argentina some say. Brazil the others pop up with. We toyed with which side to go to. Argentina’s side had more to offer. Brazil is more landscape. The responses seemed all down to personal preference. With all opinions in mind, we had our decision.

We managed to easily access both sides by public transport but for those who would like a tour, there are many available with a much more comfortable bus ride!!

A Day at the Argentina Side of Iguazu Falls

Water rushing over the devils throat of Iguazu Falls
The Power Surge of The Devil Throat

Arriving early by bus and getting tickets at the gate was easy. However, crowds do quickly form hence the early start. I was excited, who doesn’t love a good waterfall? I love nature. If you have read any of my other blogs you will know being outdoors is where I like to be.

The weather was on our side today. Bonus. We opted to take the train all the way to the top as most people start at the first stop. The top of the waterfall is known as the devil’s throat and once in view, you understand why. This powerful surge of water fell in tremendous volume over the ledge at an impressive speed. All I could do was look on in awe.

The Easy to Follow Walkways

The metal boardwalk with a tree canopy at Iguazu Falls
The Walkways on The Argentina Side

There is a network of walkways taking you to different viewpoints throughout the park. Easy walks. Nothing too crazy. Well, the views are, that’s for sure. You are surrounded by spectacular views no matter which way you look. I can see why people say this side is best for them. Whilst maneuvering the walkways, we reached the upper part which came with views of many smaller waterfalls. The lower part took you right next to a smaller waterfall. Don’t be fooled by the word smaller they still raged and the spray hit you as you approached the end.

Summary of the Argentina Side of Iguazu Falls

The crowds were getting busier as the day went on. Nature is amazing and this is simply a masterpiece. I feel that you get a good feel for this waterfall because there are different perspectives throughout the park. I can see why people pick this as their favourite, it’s a really good day out. You get to see and hear the falls as well as spot wildlife.

A Day Trip to The Brazilian Side of Iguazu Falls

Me over-looking the Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side
Enjoying the Brazilian Side

Yes, we chose both sides due to varying opinions. Also, we are only going to visit it once in our lifetime. Missing out wasn’t an option. I prefer ticking off the bucket list first before going back to places. This wasn’t as well put together as the Argentinian side. There was less walking and not so much wildlife. This doesn’t mean that the Brazilian side can’t stand up and make a name for itself because it does. This site offers something that you don’t get from the Argentina side. The panoramic view. Yes. All of the waterfalls in one eyeshot. Here, you see how big and expansive these waterfalls really are. As well as the amount of land that they cover and the size of the river that they flow into.

A full rainbow over the falls on the Brazilian side with trees as the backdrop

Also, there is a little walking platform out to the devil’s throat. However, on this side of the Iguazu Falls, you get drenched from the fast-paced water pouring over. The shine from the sun and moisture from the water made for a beautiful rainbow. Perfect.

Summary of the Two Sides of Iguazu Waterfall

Overall, all the opinions we gathered were valid. The Argentina side had more on offer but the Brazil side had more panoramic. I, personally cannot pick between the two sides. My breath was taken away by both; due to both offering different perspectives of what is truly one magnificent waterfall. It is in the top three to see in the world and it’s very easy to see why. Whichever side you choose you will be speechless. If I did it all over again, I would still choose both.

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