Coming Home from Travelling – The Best and Worst Feelings

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Coming home from travelling but what is all the fuss about?

You have just lived the last 2-6 months on the road, a constant adventure, a different thing to see every day, and new travellers to share stories with. You don’t know when you last washed your hair or even the day of the week. You have had the good and bad sides of travelling. But it didn’t matter they both carried lessons, they helped shape you into somebody else, somebody better. You aren’t that girl (or boy) who got on that plane, however long ago. But yet you have never been happier.

This is me. This is the new me. In my eyes, I have changed.

Leaving Home – Is It Really That Hard?

A golden hour sunset at a sandy beach at home
Sunset on The Beach

Everyone speaks about leaving but never coming home from travelling. Leaving for me is easy, people assume it’s difficult. Yet, I haven’t found that to be the case… I’ve left 4 times now. Every time its been easy. In the pit of the stomach, the butterflies gather as you start to venture into a world of unknowns. This excites me.

The greatest adventure of your life is awaiting you; this may sound cliché but it’s the truth. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who regrets their trip. Me, I am filled with excitement for new adventures, countries, and cultures. I’m about to invest my time (and money) in the biggest and greatest learning experience that no classroom can provide you or prepare you for.

Whilst You Are Away – Are You Really Missing Out?

The answer is No. You are not missing out. Everyone is a phone call away. Everywhere has internet. Staying ‘connected’ to your loved ones has never been easier. The feeling of missing soon fades and you find yourself deep in writing your own story following your own path. The truth is home will be the same; however, what has changed is you. I for sure have, I am not the same person who hopped on a flight back in 2015.

Changing isn’t negative and shouldn’t be seen as that. You should embrace it. Welcome it. It means you are learning and developing for the better. I have much more empathy, understanding, and kindness to give. All this change doesn’t mean you were a bad person before. Life is a lesson. Lessons are learnt along the way.

The happiest children I have seen were playing cricket with a stick as a bat and stones for their ball. This made me realise that I didn’t need all the materialistic things or the latest trend. You can be happy with so little.

Returning to Your Home – Are You Ready or Planning Your Next Trip?

Coming home from travelling, for me, I dread the last flight; it means one thing… I’m going home. Something I am never ready for because there are just too many places I would rather be. The chances are I have my next trip planned out and it won’t be long before that becomes my reality. I do carry eagerness for the family and friends I will see once again but that’s where it lies.

This is the hardest part of your trip… not the leaving.

I still love my family and friends but I realised I didn’t fit in anymore. I just yearned for the next big adventure.

A place I once called home just feels so alien to me. I no longer belong. I outgrew home.

What Happens Once Your Home?

The boat harbour at home in the south of England
The Harbour

What happens after coming home from travelling? The enthusiasm is there, everyone is happy to see you and vice versa. Sweet. You catch up, they fill you in on what you have missed. But after the first two weeks, no one wants to hear the stories. No one understands the way you feel. The politeness has gone. You’re back to square one but this time feeling like you are in a parallel universe. Home was small and unrelatable. I grew frustrated as I had this fire within me to try new things and visit new places. Home wasn’t where I wanted to do this. I craved the next adventure.

However, I have now returned home four times. This doesn’t get any easier. The last coming home from travelling was unexpected as the world went into a pandemic. Now as I sit here writing about the struggles of being ‘home’; I don’t know when I will next be leaving the country due to the restrictions everywhere. This is the first time I do not have a concrete leaving date. This makes me feel jittery, itchy, and depressed.


Post-Travelling Depression – Real Talk

Me sitting on the beach after coming home awaiting the next adventure
Waiting to Get on The Road Again

Post travelling depression is real. It is tough. No-one speaks about it. You feel like you go from 100-0 in seconds. Before you know you are back into a routine working five days a week at one job whilst balancing an evening one too. Pointless jobs just to take you back on the open road. The plane ticket acts as a comfort blanket. An insurance that you will be once again living life at 100, exploring those new places, meeting those like-minded people, and experiencing a different culture. This makes the routine bearable and the depression easier to cope with.

Here’s to The Next Adventure

In Short, travelling is something so pure and I would say even magical. If you are fortunate enough to experience it first-hand. I would say don’t hold back throw yourself into whatever is on offer and you will surprise yourself with what you can cope with as a person. I sure have.

Here’s to the next adventure!! Whenever that will be!!

On the road is where I belong… but this time around I will write a blog weekly, sharing my personal story with you.