A Stunning Drive Through the Beautiful Yoho and Glacier

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This was the start of our road trip through the Canadian Rockies. We drove from Vancouver. Therefore for us, we entered Glacier National Park and then drive through Yoho National Park. Before hitting Banff and Jasper National Parks. Yes, they are all close together which is convenient. Yet, they do span a vast amount of BC and Alberta.

Rodger’s Pass Highway, Glacier National Park

I was ready to take on what is one of the most dangerous roads in North America. I suspected they are speaking about the Winter Season when it’s covered in snow. However, it was summer and the sun was shining. Rodger’s Pass winds its way through a gorgeous mountain range making this scenic drive simply magnificent. In every direction, you are surrounded by mountains.

Hemlock Grove, Yoho National Park

Hemlock Grove Glacier National Park
Boardwalk at Hemlock Grove

After a fair few hours of driving, we fancied stretching our legs. So, we stopped in at Hemlock Grove. This was a quiet boardwalk through old-growth forests. The path led us up close and personal with the soaring ancient Hemlock trees. The walk beneath the canopy is a cool relief from the sun burning down.

Rodger’s Pass Discovery Centre

I would describe the Discovery Centre as a mini-museum. To be able to enter all you do is show your park pass. It is small and informative but I find learning enjoyable. Although there was not much on display I still enjoyed it. The museum detailed the history of Rodger’s Pass and what wildlife lives in Yoho National Park.

Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre, Golden, BC

I kept this stop as a surprise for my friend. Google maps was used as this place was really in the middle of nowhere. She definitely was surprised as we pulled into the car park. We went to a small unique sanctuary for wolves. We even timed it to perfection arriving at the start of the talk. The host was very knowledgeable and the talk was informative. We learnt a lot and saw wolves, therefore, it was worth a detour.  

Kicking Horse River

The Kicking Horse River is very powerful and loud. However, we found a picturesque free spot for the night. It was beautiful. Nice and relaxing, a real winner in free camping spots. We left early in the morning to continue the adventure. Leaving the nature spot just as we found it.

Natural Bridge Over The Kicking Horse River, Yoho National Park

Natural Bridge Yoho National Park
Impressive Formation of a Natural Bridge

As always, we enjoy stopping off at most of the viewpoints along the highway. This breaks up the drive and we get to see the awesome natural wonders of Yoho National Park. In addition, this stop was no different. The natural bridge is a naturally shaped rock formation and extends the entire width of the Kicking Horse River. Sculpted by the erosive forces of the rushing water.

Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park

Emerald Lake
The Beauty of Emerald Lake

This was one lake I was really excited to see; well if I’m honest I was enthusiastic about everything. So, when I saw the deep vibrant turquoise colour as the sun peaked through the morning clouds; I was beyond ecstatic. This is a glacier-fed lake like most of them in the park. The colour forms because of the slit that streams into the lake. Well worth a stop!

Takakkaw Falls, Yoho National Park

Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park
Takakkaw Falls

This giant waterfall stood at 260m with a waterwheel starting the flow. A waterwheel is where the water shoots upwards before rushing back down. This was impressive to watch. The short walk from the car park led us across a bridge to the waterfall. The waterfall is in view for most of the walk. The weather wasn’t great which meant the crowds were quiet. The water pounds down leaving you covered in spray.

Spiral Train Tunnels, Yoho National Park

Train Spiral Viewpoint
The Train Travelling Through The Spiral Tunnel

As we drove back down from the Takakkaw Falls to Rodgers Pass we pulled into a spot for some lunch. This spot was one of the two viewing platforms for the Spinal Tunnel. We didn’t know about this until a nice guy explained it to us. We were lucky to see the train pass through the tunnel. Trains are mostly cargo in Canada and can be up to 2 miles in length. Therefore, it did take some minutes for the whole train to pass.

What a Start to The Rockies

These two National Parks kicked started the excitement for Jasper National Park and Banff National Park. The scenery was incredible and the drive was pleasant. The breathtaking views made this trip worthwhile.

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