A 3-Day Tour of the Interesting Salts Flats, Bolivia

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The salt flats are another well-known attraction to visit in South America. The nearest town to the salt flats in Bolivia is Uyuni. There are two options to choose from either coming back to Uyuni or go to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. All the tours vary in length ranging from 1-4 days. We booked our tour in the town of Uyuni last minute. This was risky as it was a busy time and we could only book with a below-par company. To get the best experience with the most reputable company you can book online here.

Day 1 Salt Flats Tour : Uyuni – Colchani – Inca Huasi – Agua Quisa

For this tour, we were a group of four as we met up with some friends. We set off in the Toyota 4×4 that fitted 6 of us, our driver barely spoke English. You can pay extra for an English-speaking guide. Again, due to booking last minute we didn’t have an option of an English-speaking guide. The first stop of the day was the train cemetery, some abandoned trains were left behind in the middle of nowhere. It was pretty cool; we climbed over them and got some pictures.

Abandoned train carriages known as the train cemetery
The Abandoned Trains

The market town of Colchani was a quick stop off. We picked up a toy dinosaur for the pictures we were going to take. This is when you start to enter the salt flats. The landscape is now all white in all directions. Sunglasses were more or less permanently on my face as the sun bounced off the salt. Sun cream was a constant of reapplying because my nose is delicate and burns with ease.


We ate lunch at an unused salt hotel. From there, we headed out to take the iconic pictures you see all over the internet. Everyone who visits gets fun and creative with their shots. The crazy ideas people come up with are all pretty cool. There is no depth perception on the salt flats therefore you can make everyday objects bigger.

A random cacti island known as fish island in the middle of the salt plains
A Random Cacti Island

By now we were in the middle of nowhere creeping our way up to 4000 metres. I didn’t realise we climbed up so many metres when on the tour. As we approached our next stop off for the day. What we saw was unexpected. I wasn’t expecting an island (Inca Huasi/Fish Island) in the middle of the salt flats. However, here one was. A unique island made up of cacti randomly in the middle of the salt flats. The sun was setting on our way to the Salt Hotel at Agua Quisa. We pulled over to admire the sunset. Once at the hotel dinner was eventfully served. It was worth the wait.

Day 2 Salt Flats Tour: Chiguana – Lagunas – Siloil – Laguna Colorada – Sol De Manana

Me jumping for joy on the Salt Flats
Jumping for Joy

As we made our way to the 4×4 in the morning, still half asleep. It was another early morning to fit everything in. Our driver/tour guide was putting air into not one but two tyres. This was not a good sign or a great start to the day. Here, I was hoping they were slow punctures.

After a short drive, we left the salt flats behind to enter the desert. Compared to other groups… we arrived very slowly. I wonder why. It is looking like we really should have booked in advance. During that drive, we stopped once on our way to pump up those tyres… I guess not such a slow puncture with all the bumpy terrain. Not to mention the times the driver stopped to check on them.


A Day of Exploring Lakes…

The lakes were full of flamingos. All of the lakes had different colour of water to them which was pretty cool. We saw two more lakes before missing the Galaxy Cave because of our slow pace. Yes, we were that far behind the other vehicles from our tour. We had to miss a stop. I was really excited to see the Galaxy cave. Oh, well!

After, a long drive we came to Siloil to see the simple stone tree structure (Arbol De Piedra). Again, we were last to arrive and one of the first to leave. So we didn’t get much time here, unfortunately. These two deflating tyres were hampering this day.

The red lake in Bolivia
The Best Lake on The Tour

Laguna Colorada known as a red lagoon was very pink in colour when the sun poked through. There was one last stop before our hotel stay at the hot springs. Geysers (Sol De Manana). Here we were up at an altitude of an impressive 4800 metres. The hot steam shot up into the air from holes in the ground. As read you about them you are lucky that you can’t smell. The smell was a pure raw odour of sulphur which was extremely strong. At the hotel, we had dinner and watched the sunset. The stars were very pretty and many to see as light pollution wasn’t an issue.

Day 3: Dali Desert – Laguna Verde

Green algae on some rocks in the desert
Evidence of This Being Underwater

The last morning of our trip was a journey through the Dali Desert. There were some rocks covered in green algae. Evidence that this place used to be underwater. We stopped at a couple of locations along our way to Laguna Verde… just to make sure our tyre wasn’t flat. Lastly, after viewing Laguna Verde we caught the bus to San Pedro de Atacama. This was easy to arrange with the tour operator when booking. The bus was long but the views of the desert were beautiful and kept me entertained along with a much-needed nap!

Summary of the Salt Flat Tour

Overall, I would say we went with a mid-range company, all was good. The food was good. The accommodation was a nice room for two in the salt hotel on the first night. The second night was a shared room for maybe around 7/8 people. The only issue with the trip was of course the flat tyres. This was a pain as we missed out on going to places. However, there wasn’t a lot we could do about this.e. Overall, an experience I will never forget.

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