the main temple surrounded by grass and blue skies

A World Wonder in Mexico

Week 5 – Valladriod to Bacalar

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A World Wonder in Mexico

Finally, I was about to cross off another world wonder from my list. This time it is the world wonder in Mexico. I was excited. We changed our plans slightly which made it easier to get to ‘Chichen Itza’. This is something I enjoy about being on the road you are able to change plans at the last minute. I feel having fewer plans allows you to keep the freedom that comes with exploring the world that we live in.

We Based Ourselves in Beautiful Valladriod

the main temple ruin of Chichen Itza. The world wonder in Mexico

Valladriod is a cute town a little like Puebla with its colourful buildings. It was hot here. Very hot. Walking around in the midday sun was just a no-go. Therefore, we chose to get the 7 am colectivo to Chichen Itza because the earlier you go the fewer tour groups and less heat. It’s a win-win. We managed to get our pictures without people in and more importantly enjoy the site without the crowds.

I will say that the price they charge for the number of ruins you can actually access is extremely high. It really does feel like a tourist trap. If it wasn’t one of the wonders of the world. I would miss it entirely and find lesser known ruins to visit. Again, we didn’t do a tour because we are budget backpackers. However, there was a lack of information boards. This seemed to be a theme across Mexican tourist attractions. Therefore, online research is a must to understand the sites you are visiting.

Our Second to Last Stop Was Touristy Tulum

Me on a mopped

Okay. Tulum was the first place I was meant to be visiting two years ago. I was excited however quite frankly I wasn’t sold on Tulum once I arrived. Before, we even arrived we heard bad stories involving the local authority against backpackers. This automatically put us on edge.

Therefore, due to the stories, we took out the money we needed in Valladolid. So, we wouldn’t need to use an ATM. Apparently, backpackers were followed home from these. Then, pulled over for a traffic violation. So, just be careful and aware when on the roads.

In My Honest Opinion

I was not too fond of Tulum. I really thought I would be. Maybe a few years ago before the tourist boom, it was a magical place. However, now it is overrun by beach clubs, expensive restaurants, and rip-off taxis. Okay. If you enjoy beach clubs and have a lot of money to burn through then you may have an entirely different opinion from me.

We had so much go wrong during Mexico that the scooter going wrong was the final straw for me. I was ready to get out. Start fresh in a new country at this point in time. These small things always going wrong really did influence the negative feelings I have towards Mexico.

The Amazing Lake Bacalar

A boat perfectly framed by two beams floating on lake bacalar

At least Mexico had one last surprise up her sleeve. This beautiful lake Bacalar was made up of seven different shades of blue water. The massive lake was warm, crystal-clear water, and hosts an impressive sunrise and sunset. It was great to spend the day relaxing heating up in the sun and then cooling in the water, trying to unwind and shake the negative start to this adventure through Central America.

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