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A 2-Week Itinerary Through Costa Rica

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This is a 2-week itinerary through Costa Rica, so, please use it as a guide to help you plan your perfect adventure. I spent time researching all the places I have visited and chose the final destinations based on your interests. This is something I would recommend you do too. Everyone is different therefore we all enjoy and see things differently. I hope this inspires you. If you don’t fancy going alone check out this tour!

Amazing Playas Del Coco – 2 Nights

A brown sand beach, a great stop on a 2-week itinerary through Coast Rica
Playas Del Coco

Wow, what can I say about this cute beach bay? It has gorgeous views. The bay is lined with lush green jungle. Therefore, I spent my time relaxing on the beach in the sun. This place has some really good scuba diving spots which my friend did. The first spot was local and the fish were plentiful. The next location was further out at a place called Bat Island where there were bull sharks among other sealife. If you are a keen scuba diver definitely stop by here!

Intense Liberia – 1 Night

This was a good spot just to rest our heads for the night. I wouldn’t really recommend the city as such. I didn’t feel completely safe after dark. The city looked run down but the church was very beautiful. It was only a quick stop for us so I cannot recommend any of the national parks around there as we didn’t visit any.

The Beautiful La Fortuna – 3 Nights

me and a fast flowing river with a small waterfall drop
River Rope Swing

This beautiful jungle area is home to the biggest volcano I have seen. Volcan Arenal. Therefore, I cannot recommend this as a stop for your backpacking adventures enough. It is also home to La Fortuna waterfall another place worth your time. For a bit of fun, there is a rope swing into the river and some free hot springs to relax in. Also, take a tour of the hanging bridges to see epic wildlife or a walk through the sloth park to spot the elusive sloths. There is plenty on offer in this town but these activities do come with a big price tag.

Lush Green Monteverde – 3 Nights

Santa Elena cloud forest showing its misting vibe in amongst the trees
Santa Elena Cloud Forest

Monteverde is a cloud forest and a very pretty one at that. I went for a jungle night walk which was on my list of things to here. I went with a company that my hostel works with. It was a great time and we spotted a lot of wildlife. The jungle really does come alive at night. I wanted to do the ziplines here but due to the cyclone rolling through everything was closed. I did manage to venture out in the rain and into Santa Elena cloud forest which was cool to see and cost US$16 with transport. So, it was slightly cheaper than the Monteverde cloud forest. The rest of the time was sat indoors hoping the weather would clear up a little.

The Breath-Taking Manuel Antonio National Park – 2 Nights

Spider monkey hiding up in a tree
A Spider Monkey

This national park was by far my favourite. We spend a day walking around it and the number of monkeys we saw was unreal. This place was truly beautiful. Not only is there a jungle it sits on the coastline too. The beaches were just as incredible as the jungle. The beaches were filled with golden sand and clear, blue water. Perfection. I would recommend adding a day here just to enjoy the beaches and maybe have a surf lesson! The entry was US$16 and it had to be brought online before arrival. The bus runs from Quepos (the nearest town) to Manuel Antonio regularly and for 350C each way.

Unique Uvita – 3 Nights

Waterfall falling over the rocks on a stop from a 2-week itinerary through Costa Rica
Nauyaca Waterfall

The last stop in the 2-week itinerary for Costa Rica was this beachside town: Uvita. However, this town is very spread out. There I would recommend choosing a hostel that is near the beach. Uvita is home to the whale tail bay which can only really be seen by air. Here, we caught a local bus to the Nauyaca Waterfall. This waterfall was amazing and worth the hike or visit. We choose to hike 6km each way to the waterfall and back. The hike was very up and down. Yet, the hard work was worth it because of the reward of the waterfall. The hiking cost US$10. There are options to ride a horse or take a 4×4. We got to the ticket office at the opening therefore when we arrived at the falls we had it to ourselves for a while. A great bonus.

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