My Story…

Wow, where do I start about me? I am a 20 something-year-old traveller who found a passion for travel back in 2015. That year was my first trip. Now, I have completed my fourth and I’ve never looked back.

Constantly, I have itchy feet meaning I am always looking for my next destination… will this feeling ever go away? I hope not. Catching flights is what I love to do.

There are many reasons why I travel. The freedom. The excitement. The unknown. I feel completely happy when I am on the open road. Plus, with so much to see, you never get bored!

I have visited over 20 countries over the past 5 years across various corners of the globe. However, there are many more countries to add to that list. I never want to stop meeting new people, exploring new places, and learning about new cultures. This is what I thrive for.

So, I would like to welcome you to my Blog.

This will be my personal story about the places I have visited. I hope to inspire others to travel or for others hopefully, you feel like you were there with me as I visit new places.

In my Blog, I would like to give you an honest account of my experiences; both good and bad. Alongside will be raw unedited pictures of the events that took place.

As you can see from the above pictures; I enjoy being in the mountains although a newfound love. Also, I grew up by the beach so that is still my favourite place… just!

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