Fiji Yasawa Islands – A Simple Week in a Paradise Haven

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Fiji Yasawa Islands is a group of about 20 Fijian Islands. The volcanic islands lay in the western area of Fiji. This group of islands wasn’t always open to tourism. Once, the Fijian government got power over them was when the tourists started to turn up. These Islands look untouched and every bit I imagine paradise to look like. I was eager to spend the week relaxing and being on island time.

Day 1 and 2: Kuata Island, Fiji Yasawa Islands

The first stop in paradise was Kuata Island, Fiji Yasawa Islands. As the tender came to shore a traditional Fijian welcome greeted us. Everyone was happy and the other travellers were great fun. After a quick look around the rooms, it was time for my first activity of the week. This was my first experience snorkelling with blacktip reef sharks. I was still a little nervous about snorkelling and being in the middle of the sea. Yet, once out there in the water and watching the blacktip reef sharks, my mind was distracted from the nerves. The excitement filled me as I saw my first ever sharks. What a start to the week.

My first night in the Fiji Yasawa Islands…

A Blacktip Reef Shark swimming in the sea in Fiji Yasawa Islands
The Young Black Tip Reef Sharks in the Shallows

The evening drew to a close and the guests gathered for a social evening. The hosts shared with us a traditional Cava Ceremony. To me, it just looked like dirty water. However, I love trying new traditions from different cultures. So, we all took our turns but we all felt the same way. It wasn’t tasty. The Fijians believe that the combination in the drink gets them drunk. Who knows if this is true? I can think of much tastier drinks to get you drunk.

After a good night’s sleep and even better breakfast, I went with a guide to explore the island. The views were pretty in all directions. This island was the best one for me. The hosting, the food, and the activities were amazing.

Day 3 and 4: White Shandy Beach Island, Fiji Yasawa Islands

Again, another piece of paradise. The crisp white sand beach that stretched the length of the island was beautiful. Again a Bula traditional dance and song welcomed us to this island. Although the food wasn’t as tasty as the last island, the entertainment was on point. We played plenty of games of volleyball. Fresh coconuts cracked. The evening came with fun games and singing around the campfire.

Coconut Smashing on White Shandy Beach, Yasawa Islands, Fiji
Fresh Coconut Smashed Open in Front of Us

My Third Fiji Activity

The next day all I had booked was the Manta Ray snorkel. On this tender lifejackets had to be worn. The owners told us it was in case we got stopped by the police. However, this wasn’t exactly true. Only once out of the shelter of the bay, we realised why the lifejackets were a must. The sea was so bumpy and choppy. Not ideal. Unfortunately, I suffer from a feeling of seasickness. It was close but we got to the final destination just in time. I do not let it hold me back. I just get on with it as the one place I love to be in the sea.

Would we get to see any Manta Rays…

We reached a channel in the sea where the current was strong. We got dropped in at one end from the tender. Basically, we just had to stay still with our heads in the water and let the current take us. The tender then picked us up and drove us back to the starting point and off we floated again and again. Finally, on the last drop, we saw what we came for. The gracious Manta Rays. I watched in awe as they glided past with ease and pure grace. It was magical. I was happy. Manta Rays…Check!

Day 5: Bay of Plenty

The last island for me in Fiji Yasawa Islands. Unfortunately, it was only me on this island. Solitude. Some might say peaceful to have the island to yourself but not for me. The island was the smallest and quite different from the others. My room was on top of a little hill overlooking the Bay of Plenty. It was picturesque. Snorkelling was one of my choice of activities.

The Bay of Plenty from the hilltop viewing point, Yasawa Islands
The View From My Wooden Hut on Top of the Hill

This was the moment I saw the bluest saltwater that I had ever seen. This patch is rightly named the blue lagoon. The fish were plentiful and colourful. The shoreline was again that gorgeous white sand. You definitely can’t beat the feeling of sand between your toes and salt in your hair. I grew up by the sea so these feelings won’t ever get old. This time the sea was clear and warm. Also, the weather was pristine.

Summary of my Fijian Adventure

Wow! The Fiji Yasawa Islands were really paradise. The sun was shining the whole time and the water was crystal clear. This is a dream destination, for sure. The people were kind and very welcoming. Every island followed island time. It was complete and utter relaxation for the whole week. I booked my week through a tour group Awesome Fiji. Therefore, all I had to worry about was relaxing and topping up my tan. Perfect. An awesome week in Fiji.

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