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Stories From Mexico

Week 1 – Mexico City to Oaxaca City

Wow. This doesn’t feel real. I have waited two years to step foot in Mexico. The emotions and overwhelming feeling of being able to travel again; will be something I will never take for granted. This trip was to see if travelling is still in my blood. Whether it was time to settle down or to keep on exploring. So, this adventure starts with stories from Mexico and it will continue through Central America where only time will tell what my future will hold.

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We start this week off in Mexico City. A long-haul flight. Jet lag…I forgot how it felt. I don’t know why but I really suffer from it when flying East. I was definitely feeling the jet lag and mixing that with inconsiderate roomies (hostel dorm room) meant survival on little sleep. However, there was no time to rest. I was more than ready to experience everything Mexico had to offer.

Stories From Mexico City

A Mexican flag flying
Mexican Flag Flying

Mexico City is a vast, hustling, and charming place. Like every good backpacker attending a free walking tour is a good way to get your bearings and learn about a place. Strolling through these magnificent old Spanish buildings and listening to the stories of how these came to be. It did something; it re-ignited the passion in me, the passion for travelling. Despite the lack of sleep, I was happy to feel full freedom again.

Don’t get me wrong the nerves were there. Yet, with each passing day, they started to settle down. The nerves come from entering the unknown. However, it wasn’t long before I found my travelling legs again. It all came back just like riding a bike. The ways to keep safe, the know-how to haggle, or just finding top places to visit. My knowledge of doing hadn’t left me during the last two years but my confidence did.

With each passing day, my confidence came back almost like it just needed to be dusted off.

Next, It Was Time for Puebla City

A beautiful coulorful street full of houses
The colourful Streets of Puebla

With my confidence dusted off, it was time to move on from the hustle of Mexico City to a nice quieter town. This meant my confidence could grow even more. Puebla City was very charming and beautiful. The rows of colourful houses. The locals filled the streets to celebrate Holy Friday. This experience right here, witnessing a truly local celebration is one of the many reasons I travel. It was all about getting lost in these streets which makes this place special and definitely worth a visit. Unfortunately, we only stayed the night but wished I stayed for another one.

The Week Ended in Oaxaca City

This crazy city was where our first hiccup happened. Sometimes you book a bad hostel even though it has the best reviews. This was exactly what we did here. After, much back and back with a very rude member of staff we were offered some money back and left. However, due to this experience, we learnt to cross-reference the reviews. Another tip I would give if you can book directly with the hostel. Although, we were off to a bad start in this city that soon changed as we explored.


Exploring The Surrounding Area

ME standing looking over the valley from my stories from Mexico
Hierve el Agua

The ‘Hierve el Agua’ was quite the journey to get to. A bus that didn’t show up for 2 hours to a crammed trip up the mountain in a back of a pickup. This is what makes backpacking on a budget unique. These experiences. These stories you are left with to tell. You know… do you remember when we got 11 fully grown adults into a back of a 4×4 pickup? The unthinkable, the unimaginable. The crazy ones or the ones that are just too funny not to share. The memories that will always be cherished.

To Summarise The First Week

Stories from Mexico would be eye-opening, a wake-up call that backpacking on a budget comes with good and bad experiences but each one will shape you in a way only travelling can. It was a full first week always moving the way I like it for now. Travelling is still in my blood.

New travel journey entries will happen as time goes by so click here to discover more!

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